Greenwood Aikidō – Martial Arts In Temecula

In a world of growing chaos we need ways of reducing violence instead of creating more. Ways of creating peace out of conflict. That’s the challenge of Aikido.  If you want to learn to protect yourself and your family and be a force for good in the world then Aikido is for you.

Aikido is a powerful martial art with a peaceful state of mind.

      • Get control of everyday conflicts
      • Be a leader not a victim
      • Develop a powerful physical and psychological center
      • Deal with aggression without fighting or running
      • Build strength and stamina
      • Martial art of the samurai
      • Integrated sword, staff and empty hand techniques
      • Japanese swordsmanship
      • Black belt programs for adults & kids (8 and up)
      • Family oriented atmosphere
      • Classes five days a week

Our method of practice follows that of Shoji Nishio and unique it its seamless integration of empty hand techniques with striking (atemi), the Japanese sword (katana) and the wooden staff (jo). Learn more about Shoji Nishio here.

“In judo there are throws, karate involves kicking and punching and in iaido we cut with sword. All of these are contained in Aikido. The essence of all Japanese martial arts is contained in the movements of Aikido. The difference is that in Aikido there is no winner and there is no loser. We come to understood through Aikido what it means to win and lose. But in fact, there are no winners or losers. This is how the world should look, this is what Aikido can teach people.”  ~Shoji Nishio, Shihan

Aikido is for people who want to create a better life for themselves and a better world for everyone. Aikido is an enjoyable and non-competitive exercise for the body and an enlightening experience for the mind.

Visit Our School of Aikido & Martial Arts In Temecula

Visitors our welcome to come and try a class at any of our basics classes.  We have classes for adults and kids and a beginner’s program.